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Natal Support®
A soft style garment made of cotton for comfort and absorbency. The triangular fabric, which is sewn to the middle point of the garment, becomes a “cradle” lifting and protecting the distended abdomen. When the two end-tabs of the triangle piece are attached to the Velcro in the back of the garment, it distributes the weight around the body. This provides a firm back support that is easily adjustable to accommodate physical body changes as the baby grows. Consequently, there is a lighter, more carefree felling of comfort instead of a heavy strain on the whole body.
Available in white only 
 Junior Petite - 6x
•  Gives immediate sense of comfortable support
•  Diastases (separation of the abdominals muscle), helps relieve pain and pressure
•  Alleviates pain relating to ligament relaxation
•  Provides more energy, less fatigue and an increased feeling of well being
•  In many cases, relieves back pain and abdominal pressure
•  Helps maintain the centre of gravity to prevent possible falls
•  Improves posture
•  Minimizes swelling of the feet and ankles due to poor circulation
•  Helpful to women who stand on their feet for long periods of time, such as nurses, teachers, waitresses, hairdressers, and shop assistants
•  Less bladder pressure
•  Supports multiple birth pregnancy
•  Supports breached pregnancies
•  Supports an abdominal hernia.
Back–to-normal ®
•  Additional abdominal support
•  Helps prevent a prolapsed uterus after childbirth  
•  Protects post-operative sensitivity
•  Helps protect hernia condition
•  Helps relieve menstrual cramps
•  Less bladder pressure
•  Provides a feeling of more energy because it reverses the pull of gravity and anchors it in the hip area
•  Can be adjusted for a tighter fit after it is put on. This is an advantage for people who find it difficult to pull on a tight fitting panty–girdle
•  Helps relieve “Pendulous Abdomen”
•  Gives more slender silhouette
•  Supports after Cesarean section
•  Supports after a hysterectomy
•  Supports after a Abdominal Plasty (Tummy Tuck)
Available in white only - Sizes Junior Petite - 6x
 Lifting, protecting and adding support-you deserve it!


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